Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Treasure Hunt 2014

25 - 26 January 2014
Ara Damansara Selangor - Batu Feringgi, Pulau Pinang...

Treaure Hunt is an annual event yang mesti di join without fail..hahhaa..and this is not my first time. Mostly every year with different team members..Bedal jer, janji leh pergi.... Pernah menang sekali doesn't matter. Keep going, keep  trying..

Tema tahun ni...tahun lepas Hollywood Movie

Organised by......

Car No 071

Questions for Leg 1 Route Challenge (2 points each) - all questions related to Football Fever...hahahaha....berkerak kepala dok memikir, because we are not football fans...
  • Question 1 - Manchester & Newcastle providing parts for your ride
  • Question 2 - Add nothing here to see this African qualifier to Brazil 2014
  • Question 3 - Saya dengar Clark dan Datuk Santokh membaiki di sini
  • Question 4 - Short football club providing fittings here
  • Question 5 - Sir Alex Fergusons' former team may feed you here
  • Question 6 - Serie A club clashes with first referee expertise
  • Question 7 - Local test produced a rod of entertainment
  • Question 8 - Identiti Suarez, Ronaldo dan Cantona tidak dibenarkan disini
  • Question 9 - Second ball fouled in here to return score past the keeper
  • Question 10 - Cardiff City FC's Malaysian owner a figure hunger
  • Question 11 - 
  • The End
  • Question 12 - Pameran hadiah keputusan seri permainan ini di sini
  • Question 13 - As wise as an appellation for Sheffield Wednesday to enjoy
  • Question 14 - SIAM     SIAM     SIAM     Pemasaran rosak!
  • Question 15 - He was affectionately nicknamed the 'Non Flying Dutchman' by Arsenal supporters. Who & Where

Questions for LEG 2 Route Challenge (2 points each)

  • Question 16 - Dengar arahan Presiden disini
  • Question 17 - Gale formation here to rank the football teams
  • Question 18 - Coated 1966 winner without land but with what you drive, I hear
  • Question 19 - Sindiran stadium terakhir pengusaha ini
  • Question 20 - Football Fever registration started to reverse call here
  • Question 21 - Only exchange special fittings for Jose Mourinho
  • Question 22 - Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite back with a stylish goal here
  • Question 23 - Last striker & defender playing away here
  • Question 24 - Local money said to be shipped with bucks on the move
  • Question 25 - Bekas ketua pasukan England menjual alat perkakas rumah bila bah melanda di sini
  • Question 26 - Peaceful football tournament held to honour our Indepence Day

Treasure Challenge (5 points each)

  • Treasure 1 - This treasure will keep the home clean, Specifically in powder form to bring, Football Assocation first Ballond' Or is the brand, Perfect! You've got the answer so a pack to hand  (Jawapan:  Fab Perfect)
  • Treasure 2 - Bawa balik snek ini untuk markah penuh  (Jawapan:  Oreo)
  • Bandaraya

  • Treasure 3 - Pemain jersi 5 pasukan anda petunjuknya, Penghujung diganti FAM terakhir kelirunya, Kelihatan bersama hadiah juara di jenamanya, Bawa 2 kotak 250ml minumannya. Khas untuk Van Persie dan pasukannya. (Jawapan: Marigold Orange)
  • Treasure 4 - Bring this treasure for the charity home to cook, It's made from our staple food to look, Have a look left for this dry food item to hook. Uncooked of any brand & any size will do for the wok. Not instant for your full points to book. (Jawapan:  Bihun Beras)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Fraser Hill

Fraser Hill lagi...tak penah jemu ke Fraser Hill. Ini kali yang ke 4 rasanya. Aktiviti yang sama saja di Fraser Hill..hehehe..Tapi saya suka FH, walaupun di kelilingi hutan.

huhuhu..berat wehh busur panah...

anak panah ntah kemana..hahhaa
Ni lah antara aktiviti yang ada kat Paddock Fraser Hill. Memanah, Menyumpit dan Menunggang Kuda. Tak suka bau kuda...busukkkk..So xde ler naik kuda...gayat pun ya. Tengok kuda tu tinggi sangat.