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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter Sonata - Happy Ending

Saper peminat Winter Sonata. Korean Live Action Romantic Drama which was produced in 2002 and really a big hit in asia. It has also been adapted into anime series which was aired in October 2009. I'm sure all of you aware that citer ni happy ending. The happiest moments can be seen in Winter Sonata Anime.  It was an anime followed by llive action. Voiced  and played by the same actor and actress. Jun Sang and Yoo Yin got married. All relatives and friends were there. Jin Sook, Yong Kok, Chaerin, Sang Hyuk... Tp of course actor Park Yong Ha was not in the drama (Sang Hyuk). Ganti orang lain which i'm not sure sapa. (Nanti mintak tolong pak gugel carikan....hahhaha) Park Yong Ha committed suicide in year 2010. The Winter Sonata Anime Series was broadcast dalam tahun 2009...Not really sure, sapa all those new faces in the winter sonata anime. The wedding ceremony was held at the house which Jun Sang built for Yoo Jin. 

Yoo Jin in her wedding dress made by Chae Rin

Yoo Jin accompanied by Sang Hyuk

All photos ehsan pak...gugel..hehhehhe. Want to see photos dlm bentuk anime series, bleh masuk SINI